Saturday, February 25, 2017

I have some pictures of the Soviet turn, which I'll post later.
Right now I need to fight burn out.

However, in playing the Jun II 41 turn, and the Axis half of the Jul I turn, I've concluded there are some rules that are way too unwieldy, and need to be revised.
1. The harassment bombing attack
2. The replacement system, both normal and special reps

Yikes, I know the second item sounds huge, but I think revising it this early in the game won't throw thing off too much.

For the harassment bombing attack: It may just be an oversight on my part. Clearly, air units that do this should not be allowed to fly another mission in their next player turn. Otherwise, there would be interdiction markers all over the map all the time.

As for the replacement system: I'm okay with having three types of ground replacement points (RPs): armor, artillery, and infantry. But there shouldn't be a mix in every divisional unit! That's too complicated for what small level of "realism" it may offer. Also, special replacements (the ones you get from dead units), should be all infantry, as it has been in other Europa titles. Counting special RPs from the whole mix creates way too much paperwork.

Since I was forced to keep good records to determine the special replacements the first time, retrofitting the run;e before the Soviet player turn should be okay.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The butcher's bill for the Soviets:

37 armor factors, 184.5 artillery factors, and 204.5 infantry factors, for 426 losses overall.
The fascists lost barely 20.

The end of the German Jun II 41 turn.
It looks grim for the Soviets.
Army Group North: PzGp 1 is deep into Estonia. Objective Riga taken.

Note the KM took Hiumaa. Oh, and the Brotherhood of the Forest is covering the way for the Panzers.

AGC is on the 1939 border, and took Objective Minsk.

Because it turns out he was in supply, all Heinz had to do was drive around the north jaw, attack the trailing mech corps from behind, and then overrun his happy way into Minsk. Look closely and you'll see the Lithuanian rebellion hiding in the hills.

AGS. A blood bath, but as predicted, the mountain corps turned the whole flank. Now the cream of the Soviet TDs is pocketed.

Worse, Polish/Ukrainian rebels are helping the SS pocket a corps in the Pripyet. Wait till they see how the SS pays its gratitude...

The Romanian Front is not as disastrous as it could be, as the Soviet commander ordered that withdrawal during the surprise turn. Still, the Romanian armor has breached the Dniester.

Monday, February 20, 2017

End of the Surprise turn:

Playing this game is a lot like work! Here it is, Monday afternoon already. Following are four shots showing the four border MDs after the Soviet reaction.

Baltic Special MD activated as Northwestern Front

Wow, what a mess. The Germans should be able to take Riga, and even reach Tallinn or Narva by the end of the Jun I 41 turn. The Germans were able to punch a couple of holes, and made extensive use of ants to encircle and destroy the 8th and 11th Armies. The tactic is sleazy, but effective.
The Soviets rolled a critical fail for their reaction, so everybody who could move had to, and every hex had to be closer than the last. That actually worked out well, in a way. Note the 67th RD along the coast.
But in balance, the Northwest Front is a disaster.

West Special MD activated as Western Front

For the most part the Soviets held the line here in the center. Heinz "Admiral Akbar" Guderian is yelling "It's a trap!" Panzergruppe II looks like it's in trouble, but the limited ZOC rule lets it trace its supply line over and through AGNs zone. The Germans killed a lot of units too.
The Soviets rolled a 3 (regular fail), so they could choose to move, but they had to move forward, I interpreted that to mean that as long a they were at least one hex closer to the border after moving, they were in compliance with the rule. The Soviets sealed the holes in their line, and have Guderian in a bit of a pickle.

Kiev Special MD active as Southwestern Front

The unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. There was a lot of combat here, but no forward progress. However, the mountain corps may turn the land and encircle the L'vov defenders.
The Soviets rolled a 4, same result as above. This allowed them to seal the border pretty well, and put some fearsome mech corps in the way of Panzer Group 4.

Odessa MD mobilized 9th and 18th Armies.

Although the Romanians haven't moved yet, the Soviets got luck and have a success here. They can move half their MA. They chose to pull back in the southern end, but overall have established a good line on the Prut.
Saturday Morning:
The fascists line up...

Note their secret weapon, lower right.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Leningrad Area.
Compare this scan to the image on the website. How many differences can you find?
Odessa MD on the eve of the war.
The Soviets have no where near enough counters to hold this line, although they seem to have exactly enough to meet the deployment up requirements.

Kiev Special MD on the eve of the war

Following the HMSGRD Europa list, is went with the special rule that in Hungary, only the transportation routes had to be garrisoned.

West Special MD on the eve of the war.
The focus here is on the Bialystok bulge.
Baltic Special MD
on the eve of the war: German view.

Hopefully in view mode this gives you a bigger image (or lets you expand it)
I'm going to test that by saving this as is right now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Coversheet Post

Total War 2017.

In December 1996 the late Winston Hamilton told me how much he liked this poster, especially in contrast to all of the other art being used in wargames at the time.
That weekend, we officially created Uffda Europa, my gaming club. I'm using this artwork as the cover page for my TW17 players rules.

To the West!